Golfa Klubs Viesturi

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Golf club Viesturi

The golf club Viesturi

The Society “Golf Club Viesturi” has been founded on April 12, 2002.


The Board of the Club:

The president - Gunārs Pīlādzis

The vice president - Ģirts Rēvalds

Member of the board - Skaidrīte Verbicka

Member of the board - Guntis Gailis

Member of the board - Andris Rodze

Member of the board - Ivars Eniņš


The Auditor of the Club - Jeļena Holodkova 

The Board members together with the Management staff and employees of the golf course perform a variety of activities in order to fulfil the goals set in the Statutes of the Club:

  • promotion of golf,
  • facilitating the development of golf,
  • promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Since October 17, 2006 the Club has a status of a public benefit organization. 

The Club is a member of the Latvian Golf Federation. 

There are 264 registered members in the Club. 

As of May 1, 2013 there are 91 active members in the Club.