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Green Card course

GREEN CARD COURSE (5x50 min + test)

In golf you need to undergo a training course to be able to start playing on the golf course. After successully finishing it, you will receive a Green Card. This card certifies you for life to play on the majority of the golf courses around the world.

1. lesson: Discovering of the basic golf elements and learning technical basis for full swing;

2. lesson: Strengthening full-swing basis, learning technical basis for short game;

3. lesson: Strengthening short game basis and learning of putting practice;

4. lesson: Full-swing shots on real grass;

5. lesson: Theory day, getting acquainted with the rules of golf and the etiquette;

6. lesson: A game on the golf course in a great and relaxed atmosphere.

In the lessons with coach the equipment and balls are included. Latvian Golf Federation HCP card is not included in the price (30 Eur).

*It is essential to go practice between lessons in order to strengthen the new acquired skills.


1 FREE GREEN FEE + equipment FOR FREE!

BONUS: The driving range balls without a coach will have a 50% DISCOUNT during the Green Card course!