Davis Golf Style Academy


“Davis Golf Style Academy” is the first professional Golf Academy in Latvia. Founder of the Academy golf enthusiast — Dāvis Puksts. The goal is to create an Academy complying with globally accepted standards. The Academy has the radar Flightscope X2C - 3-D for tracking of club and ball movements, which helps coaches to immediately identify errors and players to find the best solutions. One of the greatest advantages of the Academy is overhang over the practice hitting mats, which ensures that you will not have to worry about the weather conditions! Regardless of the level of your abilities coaches will find a suitable solution for upgrading you golf skills! The priority of the Davis Golf Style Academy is the program for young people; for this purpose a serious system and schedule has been created to enable achieving new goals.

To all the clients Davis Golf Style Academy offers 16 hitting mats as well as hitting places on the grass. In the Academy coaches have a house with mirrors, where it is possible to teach three players simultaneously using additional golf tools that are recognized all around the world. On the driving range there are also a chipping green with bunker. There is also an excellent putting green next to the clubhouse.